After the adrenaline rush of Harvest, the steady work of winemaking, while still heavy work, is a welcome change of pace.  Now, to be clear, while from the outside it may not have the same romance as Harvest, the thousand and one decisions and logistical details have a profound impact on the wine we will eventually put in the bottle.  Fermenter size and material (wood, stainless, food grade plastic, clay amphora), punchdowns or pumpovers, once a day or twice, length of post-fermentation maceration (allowing the skins and seeds to soak in the recently fermented wine to absorb more flavor and aroma compounds and build mouthfeel), when to press the skins and how hard, barrel or other élevage containers and for how long.  And all of this usually includes moving things, heavy things, dozens of times a day.  It’s still exhausting and I never cease to be amazed that our winemaking team (including harvest interns) always seems to be upbeat and energetic.  So, today, please join me in raising a glass to the winemaking team as we look forward to enjoying the fruits of their labor in the years to come.  Cheers.