When it comes to building a business with purpose, earning the B Corp stamp of approval was important to us at Winderlea. But, what is a B Corp and what does it have to do with wine? We’re glad you asked.

A Benefit Corporation or B Corp is a corporate business structure and certification that has to be earned through a rigorous assessment detailing how a company takes steps to support the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet. To become B Corp-certified, high standards have to be met which include a company’s legal accountability to social and environmental performance, transparency in business, and a commitment to balance profit, people, planet, and purpose.

In other words, in order to see the change we want to see in the world, we’re taking a lead within our industry to be purpose-driven therefore creating benefit for all stakeholders, not just the shareholders.

Winderlea earned B Corp status in the spring of 2015, making us the second winery in Oregon and fourth in the world, to achieve this comprehensive business certification. We are proud to be a part of a global community of more than 3,500 businesses, from 150 different industries, creating sustainable and ethical companies across 70 countries (and counting).

What does the B Corp Certification have to do with wine?

Since wine at its roots is an agricultural product, our business touches the environment as much as it does the people who enjoy the wine. We are also committed to having a positive impact on our hard working employees through fair wages and a host of benefits. For all of these reasons, that is why we are committed to building a sustainable and socially responsible business.

When it comes to our farming practices, we take the stewardship of our land seriously. The Winderlea Vineyard has been farmed Biodynamic® since 2009 and earned Demeter Biodynamic® Certification in 2015, which means we follow specific farming practices that considers the whole farm as one living organism. This touches every aspect of what we do from the way we process and handle the soil, to the livestock who chew the grass in between the vines, to planting non-genetically engineered vines, to the non-use of artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Our vineyards are looked upon as one ecosystem and it is our responsibility to ensure it is as healthy as possible to produce high-quality wines.

By following these farming practices, we are able to reduce yields (how many grapes we grow per year) to develop more concentrated flavors, and improve canopy efficiency resulting in improved fruit and wine quality that doesn’t harm the environment.

What this means for you:

If you’ve read this far, we know we’re going to get along just fine! If we had to guess, you most likely value businesses that are committed to more than just profits. We’d also venture to guess that you want to feel good and drink well. Why not feel good when making your wine purchase as much as you enjoy each sip?

In addition to our exceptional, limited-production wines and sustainable farming practices, we also created a give back program. With every purchase you make, we are also contributing financially to organizations we believe in. That is to say that every purchase you make has a deep impact on the world around us. We are longstanding supporters of ¡Salud!, an incredible organization that provides medical services to our incredible vineyard workers. We also support The Roots Fund, an organization committed to investing in the Black, Indigenous, and Latinx wine community to provide opportunities to those seeing a career and/or education in all aspects of wine. Why not raise a glass to enjoy exceptional, hand-crafted wines while knowing you are supporting a socially responsible business that is held accountable by a third party?

We believe that business can be a force for good. That is what we are committed to being an ethical business by bringing good wines to the table that are socially and environmentally responsible. Thank you for supporting us in that mission.