Each year Donna and I attend the Oregon Wine Industry Symposium. It’s a great opportunity to confer with others in the industry, participate in seminars that are helpful to our business, and see the latest products and services. Tuesday night at dinner, Donna told me that she attended an interesting presentation about the use of artificial intelligence in wineries and suggested that we needed to investigate and consider applications at Winderlea. She joked that it could even help me to write these blurbs. I was a bit taken aback! Over the years the hospitality and marketing teams have moved me out of the tasting room and offices in Dundee to the winery in McMinnville. Ask anyone, I don’t even have a desk in the tasting room anymore. I’ve been pushed out. This blurb is the last creative outlet I have in this business and Donna wants to replace me with AI. So friends, I need your help. Please respond to this message with SAVE BILL….STOP THE AI. You have my greatest appreciation. More later… (I hope).