Back in college one semester I thought it wise to take a Russian language course.  You might question the thinking behind taking an 8:00 am 101 level language class as an upperclassman and you would be right.  The real blame, however, belongs to Saint Cyril, the dreaded alphabet monk and creator of the Cyrillic alphabet.  In my opinion, it is almost unintelligible.  According to Google Translate, the phrase, “It is almost unintelligible,” translates as Это почти непонятно.  I wouldn’t know.  I never learned it.  These days I spend my time in the company of a far more compatible monk, St Vincent.  St Vincent is the patron saint of the vine and of vigneron.  St Vincent’s Day is celebrated on January 22nd, the date of his martyrdom and so has become the cultural start date of pruning vines.  At Winderlea, we always try to wait until this date or later to begin our pruning out of respect for tradition.  In Burgundy they celebrate the St Vincente Tournante which “rotates,” from village to village each year.  This year the celebration will be held in the village of Couchey on January 28th and 29th.  While we don’t celebrate with a robed procession as they do in Burgundy, many of us quietly mark the date and raise a glass in recognition of St Vincent.  We invite you to do the same.