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We’ve pulled out some gems from the cellar to feature alongside a copy of the brand new Oregon Wine + Food cookbook! Pair one of the beautiful and mouth-watering recipes from the Oregon Wine + Food cookbook with either our 2016 Murto Vineyard Pinot noir, our 2017 Meredith Mitchell Vineyard Pinot noir, or our 2018 Weber Vineyard Pinot noir. The six bottles and cookbook ship straight to your door, ground shipping included*.

*This offer is valid on ground shipping within the continental United States only. Depending on the destination location, sales tax may be applied. Club savings apply to wines only.



A selection of six (6) bottles | Enjoy 2 bottles each:
2016 Murto Vineyard Pinot noir
2017 Meredith Mitchell Vineyard Pinot noir
2018 Weber Vineyard Pinot noir

Alongside one (1) copy of:
Oregon Wine + Food cookbook

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