May is Oregon Wine Month and while it seems every month and day is accounted for by one group or another, this one is very symbolic of the industry we are in.  Many of you know our story about chasing Pinot noir to Oregon.  We knew this is where we needed to be to fulfill our winemaking dreams.  What we didn’t know was what it was going to be like living here after giving up our East Coast lives and moving cross country.  For 18 months or so we traveled to Oregon about every other month, looking for a vineyard and talking to people in the industry.  Everyone was willing to help.  We had heard about the collegiality of the Oregon Wine industry and our experience confirms it.  The people in this industry work together unlike any other industry we know.  Oregon Wine month is an example of that collaboration.  In past years we’ve travelled to other cities for Tastings and for winemaker dinners where we share what we know about wine with our guests and share the spotlight with one another.  So, this month especially, whether it is a wine from Winderlea, or a wine made by one of our friends, drink Oregon and celebrate collaboration.