Winderlea was recently named one of the new Oregonians in The World of Fine Wine. From the article:

“Three vintages on, Winderlea has become one of the showpiece wineries of the Willamette. its Pinot noirs from the estate vineyard, and from grapes purchased from the adjoining Ana Vineyard, show the seriousness of purpose of good Burgundy, perhaps, but are filled with the sunshine-ripened cherry and dark-berry flavors of Oregon. That was Sweat’s blueprint from the start. “Rock ’n’ roll traces its roots to blues and country and rockabilly,” he explains. “And rock is none of those things and also all of those things. We knew coming out here that we weren’t making Burgundy. This is a different place. But where we started from was a love of Burgundy—and perhaps you can taste a bit of that in our wines.”

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