We’re Putting it in Neutral | 2021 Solar Panels

Apr 19, 2021 | Our Commitment to Sustainability, Vintage Journal

We’ve been having some very nice sunny days lately and the forecast is for several more ahead of us.  After months of grey and drizzly weather, it’s hard to convey how much the sunshine is welcome.  The daffodils are in bloom, fruit trees are flowering, and in the vineyard, buds are emerging with the promise of another vintage.  This year we have one other thing to bring us joy; an app that lets us see how much energy our new solar array is generating.  Fully sunny days look like Bell curves on a graph while cloudy days have spikes as the sun emerges from behind the clouds.  This month so far we have saved half a ton of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of planting 8 trees (this doesn’t include our original panels which are unable to be connected to this reporting system.) As excited as this has us, soon we’ll be looking for our next carbon reduction project.  What should we do next?


You can check out our new solar panels here