On Monday afternoon I was out doing a late season Biodynamic 500 spray (cow horn manure) and noticed how different the vineyard felt because we did not till this year and because we are mowing the cover crop at about 10″ height.  Usually, this time of year about half the rows, on average, would have been tilled and the other half would have been mowed to the ground.  This year, there is still plant life in the tractor rows and lots of insects flitting about as a result.  It felt more like it does in the middle of Spring.  Some of the plants have browned out, but many are still alive.  Some rows felt like mini-prairies while others felt like meadows.  It’s still to be seen how the vineyard reacts to this new approach, but I’m encouraged to see so much plant, insect, and bird life in the vineyard at this stage.  There is more to learn.  Stay tuned.- Bill Sweat, Proprietor