March is B Corp Month so it seems fitting to write a bit about what that means to us here at Winderlea.  As a reminder, the B Corp slogan is, “People Using Business as a Force for Good.”  So, as a start, we look at everything through that lens.  That’s not to say that we always get it right or that we always make the absolute best decision (for example, your wine comes in lighter bottles than they used to but not in boxes) but we at least always do our best to make better decisions.  We think about how our decisions affect or staff, we make efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we protect our growers, and we continue to work toward greater diversity.  Perhaps the best part of being a B Corp is that we are part of a community of like minded businesses who share their best ideas.  So this month, we raise a glass of Winderlea bubbles to our B Corp community in recognition for all the good they do and for helping us to get better too.-Bill Sweat, Winegrower