Shea Vineyard

Considered to be a “Grand Cru” vineyard of Oregon – and one of the best vineyards in all of the United States – we were ecstatic when Dick and Deirdre Shea called us to say they had a couple of blocks of fruit they would be interested in selling to us. This is not just any fruit, but the Pinot noir clones Wädenswil and Pommard, which happen to be two of our very favorites. We jumped at the opportunity to have access to this vineyard, which produces some of our favorite wines in Oregon and some of the highest rated Pinot noirs in the US.

In the summer of 2015, Dick and Deirdre called again with another great opportunity. In addition to the fruit we had been working with from the western side of the vineyard, the Sheas offered up another block from the eastern half of the property. We are thrilled to be working with more of their fruit and to have another equally expressive yet distinctly different perspective on a site that we have come to love more and more every vintage.