Saying Goodbye to Block 3 | Our Farming Ethos Continues

Nov 9, 2020 | Vintage Journal

vineyard in the summerMany of you know that we first learned about Biodynamic farming because we were searching for ways to extend the life of our original vines which were being attacked by phylloxera.  That effort has been largely successful as we were able to extend the productive life of the two worst blocks until 2013.  Perhaps more important, we found a farming ethos that was in tune with our own views; organic, whole farm, regenerative, and rooted in the idea of place.  We now farm three vineyards according to Biodynamic practices.  Sadly, for our oldest block on the vineyard, we have come to the end of the line.  Phylloxera has reduced yields to the point where it is not productive to farm but worse still, the block has Leafroll, a virus that can be spread throughout the vineyard by mealybugs.  Block 3, the one right outside the Tasting Room will be removed some time in December.  We invite you to come by and pay your respects, but don’t take cuttings.  You don’t want to bring this virus home.  While we hate to lose our oldest block on the vineyard, planted in 1974, we’re excited to replant and begin a new chapter at Winderlea Vineyard.- Bill Sweat, Winegrower


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