When we made the decision to refocus and relocate our lives to Oregon, our driving ambition was to grow and make Pinot noir.  We’ve told our story thousands of  times.  Our favorite grape was Pinot noir and our favorite American Pinot noirs came from the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  We considered planting and making Chardonnay, but didn’t have intentions to expand beyond those 2 grapes.  That was 2006.  Since then through discovery, trial and error, and serendipity we also now grow Pinot noir for our Rosé of Pinot noir as well as for our Vintage Sparkling Brut.  Our chardonnay grapes are used for our Vintage Sparkling Brut and old Pinot blanc on the Meredith Mitchell Vineyard produce some of the most beautiful white wines we’ve tasted.  As we celebrate Oregon Wine Month, we are reminded that the marriage of old volcanic soils overlaying marine sediment, coupled with our cooler climate creates unique beauty in the grape and in the glass.  Our love for Pinot noir will never fade and we continue to be delighted by the breadth of what this special place can produce.  We hope you get the opportunity to discover more of the True Character of Oregon wines in May.