Getting Excited About Carbon Offsets

Jan 12, 2021 | Our Commitment to Sustainability, Vintage Journal

Last week I told you about our decision to max out our solar electricity production but that still leaves other types of energy that we use to think about.  We’ve taken a lot of steps to reduce our carbon footprint, but we are still left with about 135 metric tonnes of carbon.  I’ve been looking for carbon offset programs that we could get excited about and I found several through Native Energy in Burlington, VT (  In addition to being in a state we love they are also a certified B Corporation.  What I like best about Native Energy is that we can choose the project we want to support through their HelpBuild™️ program.  This year we chose a program to improve cattle grazing practices on 33,000 acres in Montana (  This reminded me a lot of the great work being done by the Marin Carbon Project ( whose research has taught us so much about carbon sequestration.  So, we’ve taken two meaningful steps in our efforts to reduce carbon but there is always more to do.  As we learn more and implement new practices, we’ll share them with you.  Until then.- Bill Sweat, Winegrower