Marie Kondo asks us to decide if an item, “Sparks Joy,”  as a way to decide if we should keep something.  On Tuesday of this week we did our second to final blending trials for our 2016 Sparkling Wine, our first ever.  And spark joy it did. This whole process has been fascinating and eye opening.  I’ve talked about some of this before.  Now we’ve reached the point where we are starting to decide what the dosage will be.  After the wine is disgorged and the plug of yeast expelled, the bottle is no longer full.  That gives us the opportunity to decide what we want to fill it with.  Traditional options include sugar, other wines, and the sparkling wine itself.  As one example, we tried a 0.5% (half a percent) addition of our 2013 Winderlea Vineyard Pinot noir.  Wow! The aromatics changed from oyster shell and mineral to floral and perfume with the added complexity gained from the older wine.  We’re not sure that’s what we’ll end up doing, but it sure “Sparks Joy,” to try.- Bill Sweat, Proprietor