Finding the Bright Side

Apr 25, 2020 | Vintage Journal

As a native New Englander I’m accustomed to changeable weather, whether or not Mark Twain ever commented on it.  Interestingly, most of the regions we’ve lived in have adopted that quote as their own (If you don’t like the weather in Missouri now…).  Sitting here looking out at the grey and drizzly outside my window following days of glorious sun leads me to believe the Willamette Valley in Oregon has a legitimate claim on that adage as well.  Growing grapes as I do now, it’s easy to see the value of all kinds of weather.  The fruit trees in the yard seem happy with the rain even as my outlook has grown a little gloomier.  I have the benefit of knowing that we have a lot of glorious sun days ahead of us, so it’s easier to take today’s weather in stride.  And I know that in a day or two, this rain will have contributed to the blooming flowers and trees and the abundantly active insect and animal life in the vineyard.  Sometimes just taking a step back helps you to see things a bit differently.  More later. -Bill Sweat, Proprietor