Creating Green Energy

Jan 12, 2021 | Our Commitment to Sustainability, Vintage Journal

We think a lot about sustainability here at Winderlea both because we are Biodynamic® and also because we are a certified B Corp and part of their Climate Action Group.  Sometimes programs are more suited to large complex organizations than they are to us, so we try to make progress as we can.  We’ve taken a couple of steps in the last few weeks that we’re excited about.  I’ll save one of them for next week’s update.  We’ve been buying green power from Portland General for a long time but lately I’ve been thinking, “Why don’t we just do what it is we are trying to accomplish and create green power?”  We built our tasting room with a 13kW solar array but haven’t checked pricing since we put solar on our house back in 2011.  Prices have continued to fall and adding 23kW more will cost us about 53% (before incentives) of what it cost us to install the original 13kW in 2008.  The best part is, when we are finished we will be producing all the electricity we need ourselves).  We are fortunate to have access to an Energy Trust of Oregon incentive ( as well as a Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit, and accelerated depreciation to make the system even more cost effective.  Over a 25 year period, this will cap our electricity costs at about 4.1 cents/kWh.  Installation will be later this month or next and we’ll try to send you a video.  More later.- Bill Sweat, Winegrower


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