And just like that, it’s harvest.  Really, I thought I had another week.  Or more.  Perhaps it’s like that every year, we think there’s time to prepare and then harvest sneaks up on us.  But I feel more unprepared than usual this year.  We had a little bit of heat and that sped things up a bit.  And the air quality from the surrounding fires is creating eerie skies that change from grey to bright orange to ocher and it seems dark during times of the day when it shouldn’t be.  That’s been just the last couple of days and it does have the effect of reducing temperatures a bit so we can take a little more time.  We don’t expect any adverse effect from the fires, but they’re closer than usual and have required some of our winery friends to leave their homes, further complicating their management of their own harvests.  We are keeping all the victims of these fires in our thoughts.  For now, we push forward.  More later.
– Bill Sweat, Proprietor