Bill’s Vineyard Update | We Patiently Wait for Bud Break

Apr 7, 2020 | Vintage Journal

We are sooooo close to bud break.  It’s Tuesday April 7th as I write this and with the beautiful weather ahead of us this week, we could be there by the time we publish.  Buds are visible now and soon the leaves will be identifiable and will start to separate shortly thereafter.  We are settled in to our COVID-19 induced separation and finding creative ways to stay in touch with our loved ones via video (video cocktails are the latest rage here in the valley).  We’ve all altered our lives to an extent most of us wouldn’t have thought imaginable just two months ago.  But the inexorable march of nature as demonstrated by our flourishing cover crop (especially mustard) and now bud break is a message that life however changed, will continue.  My fervent hope is that what is best in us will be amplified and like the buds in our vineyards, we will emerge anew.  Stay safe.  More later.- Bill Sweat, Proprietor