Last week I had the good fortune to attend the annual Biodynamic Association Conference which was held this year in Portland.   One of the highlights was the day I spent with about 40 others at Malibu Compost in St Paul.  The full day session, led by Malibu’s Colum Riley and Willamette Valley Vineyard’s Clay Wesson, was filled with great information and hands on practice.  When you go to a company’s website and the longest biography by far is about a cow named BU, you know you are with special people.  We just started building our own compost piles a year ago and I learned a lot of practical knowledge that will make our composting better.  But, the people I shared the day with reinforced why we farm Biodynamic®.  It is not just about conservation, but about regeneration, about doing what we can to make our place better than before, whether that place is our vineyard, our local community, or our world.      – Bill Sweat, Proprietor