About Our Name

Winderlea — pronounced Win-dur-lee — is a made up word with a little bit of history. Winderlea is the name of a Vermont property Bill and I purchased in 2001. The property was named by the prior owners – the Gerard Family – who owned, loved and nurtured the land and the house for over 60 years. As former owner Jim Gerard explained, the word Winderlea was crafted by his parents combining the word, “Wind,” with the word “Lea,” meaning meadow or pasture. Combined, the words create Winderlea, a word evoking the meaning “Wind in the Meadow.” Winderlea was an idyllic place for the Gerard family and has come to have the same meaning for Bill and me. As we searched for a name for our vineyard and winery, Winderlea is the name we kept coming back to. We believe that it evokes the feminine, sensuous and elegant wines we are making. We also love Winderlea the place and feel happy that by naming our winery we are always keeping this special place close to us.