I want to start by thanking all of you who are part of our lives.  You may not think it means much to us but every interaction keeps us connected to a world outside of our vineyard in Dundee.  We are all doing our best to figure out the intersection between staying safe and staying in touch and no matter how each of us has defined it, for all of us our worlds have gotten quite a bit smaller.  Maybe we are all slowing down a bit, and that is to the good.  Yet, we all still crave connection and, perhaps, overlook the impact our interactions have on others.  I know my father appreciates that I call him, even though he can’t really hear most of what I am saying.  But I know even for the short time we are on the phone together, there is a literal line from me in Oregon to him in North Carolina, a connection.  Don’t underestimate the impact you have on others when you call or email or text.  Connection is connection and we all crave it.  Thank you for creating connection with us. -Bill Sweat, Winegrower