Crawford-Beck (Eola-Amity AVA)

One of our most fortuitous meetings since Bill and I arrived in Oregon has been that of Jeanne and David Beck. Two scientists from New Jersey ,who like Bill and me, decided in 2005 to “refocus” their lives and move to Oregon for the love and pursuit of Pinot noir. David is a graduate of Princeton University and the Johns Hopkins University who completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard University is an expert in cell culture and human genetic diseases. Jeanne, a similarly accomplished scientist worked on the Human Genome Project during her illustrious career. So what does this have to do with Pinot noir? Well, they are two of the smartest people we’ve met and they are now focusing their energies and tremendous intellect on farming Pinot noir on their 15 acre vineyard as well as becoming leaders on the Oregon Wine Board, the Oregon Wine Research Institute’s Policy Board, and other wine- related organizations. In addition, like the Maresh, Murto and Meredith-Mitchell families, they are doing much of the farming themselves. We believe the combination of their intellect, scientific curiosity and passion for Pinot noir will create legendary fruit over time. If you want to have some real fun, check out their web site for one of the best compilations of vintage notes as well as current and historic weather information. It is a treat as well as an education.